Our Inspiration

At Elemmentz we believe that every space you occupy becomes an integral part of your story. Hence, it is essential to be in a space that exhibits your style and values the sanctity of every memory you make there. To make this possible, we craft personalized design solutions using the combination of colors, textures, and materials that just feel right to you and accent them with finishes that give new energy to the room.


With finishes ranging from gloss to matte, laminates are known for bringing a subdued elegance to every surface at a value proposition. Their elusive richness, high durability, and universal applicability breathe a new life into furniture and fixtures, making them one of the most-favored surfacing materials.


Our special laminates are specifically purposed to please your aesthetic and tactile sensibilities. Available in a stunning variety of unique colors, this premium finish can enhance the simplest surfaces, giving them an allure previously unseen and unfelt.


Reflective like glass with resilience and lightness unique to itself, acrylic glass creates unsurpassable looks that you can’t help but admire. This gorgeous finish brings an air of cool modernity ideal for a contemporary or minimalist look.


The vibrant hues and striking mirror-like sheen of acrylic surfaces add life to the most mundane spaces. This finish is especially known for giving a palpable buoyancy to cabinetry that invites a touch at every glance.


The vibrant opaque brilliance of lacquered glass adds a layer of impenetrable mystique to surfaces that instantly impress the onlooker. Its smoothness does not give into scratches, and its freshness adamantly refuses to stale with time.


The lustrous PU finish grants a curious clarity to the surfaces by deepening their color and giving them unique visibility. It is like looking at your home with a fresh pair of eyes and surprisingly feeling a lot closer to it.


Gifted with the natural grace of its parent material, veneer finishes lend a quiet stateliness to surfaces and interiors. Even with the passage of time, its distinctive appearance and traditional appeal continue to remain a favorite of the masses.


Interiors with imported finishes have a certain je ne sais quoi (a quality that cannot be described easily) that is easy to perceive but impossible to replicate. Either a synchronized textured finish or Reminiscent of satin, this an exclusive super-matte finish makes for a smooth textural mapping that fingers love gliding over.


This natural wood finish highlights the unperceived majesty of spaces by creating a traditional ambience. It revitalizes interiors, brings back details lost or forgotten, and helps transform a house into the comfortable cocoon of warmth it is meant to be.