Elemmentz | High-Quality Modern Modular Interiors

Who We Are

Elemmentz is more than an Interior and Modular Designer brand; it’s an eclectic group of professionals, visualizers, and craftspeople dedicated to creating authentic environments that echo the dreams of the people who inhabit them. We use the highest quality materials to create endless personalized design concepts that can change an insensate setting into a soulful space.

The Story Behind Our Logo

Elemmentz’s logo is inspired by the Tangram (a puzzle with seven geometric shapes which can be rearranged to form numerous shapes). The icon designed with these seven shapes is symbolic of the limitless possibilities when it comes to designing and customizing spaces with Elemmentz.


Our homes and workspaces are where we find comfort, safety, happiness, and pride. We at Elemmentz help create beautiful memories for our clients by being a trusted partner and delivering truly revelatory spaces that reflect their individual character and style through uncompromising quality and innovative and customized designs, all at an exceptional value.


Enriching lives by building dreams.

Core Values

  • Exceptional customer value.
  • Uncompromising business integrity.
  • A trusted partner to our clients.

Experience Centre

When designing a space, it is important to first see the myriad ways in which different furniture and finishes come together to convey a host of emotions and ideas. This way, you will be able to choose the right assortment of elements that both look and feel like an extension of you.

But is it possible to experience a space before it becomes a reality?

At Elemmentz’s Experience Centre, it is possible.

Centrally located in Jubilee Hills and spread over 5000 square feet, our Experience Centre is where you get to reimagine your home or office. It is like playing a game of jigsaw, except for one small difference. You get the freedom to choose the puzzle pieces that you like from an impressive collection of modular furniture, wardrobes, modular kitchens, conference tables, and workstations to put together the picture of a home or office that you have always wanted for yourself.

Manufacturing Unit

Situated close to Hyderabad’s development hub, our 30,000 square feet IDA Bollaram manufacturing unit is where technology and creativity meet to create magic. Here, state-of-the-art European machines (integrated with world-class cabinet manufacturing software) work with extreme precision to produce sophisticated modular furniture that is both stylish and ingenious in its functionality. Plus, due to our meticulous production process and swift transportation, all these high-quality products are delivered to their destination timely and efficiently.

Our Brand Partners